Ruisrock Festival – Finland


Ruisrock have added new top names to their line-up. Next summer Ruissalo will host Swedish cult BAND BOB HUND and domestic indie favourites SWEATMASTER, RUBIK, MAGENTA SKYCODE, THE CAPITAL BEAT and PERTTI KURIKAN NIMIPÄIVÄT

Sweden’s biggest indie group bob Hund arrive at Ruissalo with their new album ”Det överexponerade gömstället”. Bob hund have rose to an almost cult like fame throughout the years

On Saturday it’s time to party hard, although the atmosphere might be a bit sad, as one of the biggest domestic alternative and garage rock bands, Sweatmaster, have announced to retire after this summer. Known from extremely tough live shows, the band want to show their appreciation towards their fans and have released one more new song called “Quickie”. Beautiful pop melodies will be offered by one of the most important indie groups today, Rubik, who have just released their praised third album “Solar”. The band rose to fame with their debut in 2005 and since then their fame has grown after every release, taking the band also touring abroad. Genuine Finnish punk is offered by Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, following the footsteps of legendary punk groups Sensuuri, Karanteeni and Kollaa Kestää. The band have charmed their audience and critics, and will perform soon also on film as documentary “Kovasikajuttu” will have it’s premier in 2012.

Sunday offers tranquil and bright sounds as Turku-based Magenta Skycode bring their smooth pop melodies at Ruissalo. Having released their praised sophomore album “Relief” last year, the album was awarded with alternative/indie Emma and rose to first place on Rumba magazine’s album list. The easy-going atmosphere will be guaranteed as ska group The Capital Beat own the stage yet again with their new album “On The Midnight Wire”. The album offers more reggae -like sounds with accordions, flutes and strings. More additions to the festival’s line-up will be made later.

For more RUISROCK FESTIVAL information – click here >>>


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