Putte i Parken – Sweden


KAJSA GRYTT crashed into 2011 with a rock pop album, where the boisterous energy and thick “of recalls Aunt Fiddling when they were at their best.  Direct, passionate personal and important texts, with material taken from the past and present, the crackling life in nervous vocals that balances against Haapalainen electric guitar melodies.

BIGBANG has been steadily on the Norwegian rock scene for over ten years and made a name as one of the country’s best liveband. The band is based in Oslo and in Los Angeles and has toured and collaborated with among others The Racconteurs, Turbonegro, Billy Gibbons, Lissie, Phantom Limb and David Rawlings.

LILLA SÄLLSKAPET is a brand new pop band from Sweden. The music sounds of clear traces of eighties new wave and post punk as well as contemporary club music baltimore club and dance hall. Or, as the duo puts it: “A-ha, Mauro Scocco and Liquid Liquid at the back of a giant bird that roars out of an epic Lion King-landscape in a blazing sunset of laser”

SPIRITS OF THE DEAD come from Norway and consists of Geir Thorstensen, Ole Øvstedal, Ragnar’s and Kristian Hultgren. The self-titled debut album boasts epic rock monster that may own life and, according to hearsay, the quartet is a band of high rank.

MRTN, man, myth, legend and electro beard – one of Sweden’s biggest DJs. From Umeå to Malmo, from London to Berlin to Los Angeles, it does not matter where he is, he is everywhere, so he drops bombs on the dance floor and sets souls on fire like few others.

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