Dour Festival – Belgium


This year, the Plaine de la Machine à Feu will once more turn black, yellow and red!

Arsenal, Vismets, Das Pop, Bikinians, Romano Nervoso, Bony King Of Nowhere, Lucy Lucy!, El National Quarterback, Marble Sounds, Alpha 2.1, Dj Sonar, Primitiv ‘beatbox’, Wahwahsda, Hugo Freegow, Darko, X&TRICK feat. MC Mary Jane, Air Guitar Belgium have been added to the programme for the 23rd edition of Dour Festival, alongside other Belgian acts already confirmed:

Aeroplane, Surfing Leons, Sound Of Stereo, Pierre, Murdock, System D dj, Partyharders, goldFFinch, Dusk Creator, Kastor & Dice, Channel Zero, Drums Are For Parades, Angel Crew, T.C.M.F.H., Max Pie, Great Mountain Fire, Buenas Ondas, Suarez, Sinus Georges, Hoquets, Yew, LeFtO, Akro

Because Dour Festival is a Belgian festival above all, organizers once again decided to promote the artists coming from their own country! Throughout the four days, you will be able to keep on discovering and rediscovering artists from the Walloon region, the Flandres region and from Brussels.

For more DOUR FESTIVAL information – click here >>>

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