Bloodstock Open Air Festival – UK


Last year, BLOODSTOCK offered comedy for the first time, an element that went down so well it is expanding on it this year, kicking off with one hour of comedy on the Thursday, with numerous performances across the weekend also scheduled on the SOPHIE stage.

One of Australia’s biggest comedians, STEVE HUGHES is a perfect fit for BLOODSTOCK, having been in several metal bands himself before embarking on his comedy career. Starting at an open mic night in the mid 90s, STEVE has gone on to earn rave reviews for his performances both live and on TV.

According to Metal Hammer Magazine – who are in a perfect place to judge, being both experts on Metal and having let him host their 2009 Golden Gods Awards – Canadian JASON ROUSE is “the most Metal comedian on the planet”.

Brutal, dark, twisted and hell-bent on turning the mainstream comedy world upside down, over the last decade this comedy outsider has sharpened his teeth in clubs and festivals all over the world and become the most celebrated ‘odd-ball’ in comedy today. A clever combination of devilishly crafted jokes and ‘freak-show-like’ theatrics, JASON’s stand up will pit your sense of morals against your sense of humour as this jester from hell forces you to laugh at stuff you should not find funny.

STEPHEN HILL is a London based stand up comedian and writer who started his career after becoming a finalist in Jimmy Carr’s Comedy Idol on his first ever stand-up gig. Since then Stephen has shared the stage with the likes of Andrew O’Neill (who performed at last year’s BOA), Russell Howard, Lenny Henry, Reginald D. Hunter and Al Murray to name a few, as well as contributing to Channel 4 Radio’s “4 Weekly News Show” alongside Frankie Boyle, Mark Dolan, Greg Davies, Katy Brand and Tony Law

For more BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL information – click here >>>


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