Roskilde Festival – Denmark


Even though the Roskilde bill is already up all over the world, they continue to deliver new acts. This week’s music package is a true Scandinavian rock adventure in different colours, which is a true treat for music lovers this summer.

GRAVEYARD (S) shuts up all critical voices who have ever claimed that rock is dead and buried. The Swedish band finds inspiration in heavy rock from the 70s where stoned grooves and heavy riffs roar along with vocalist Joakim Nilsson’s excellent and powerful vocals.

LOVE SHOP (DK) is ready to play Roskilde Festival for the sixth time. Having lost Hilmer Hassig and Henrik Hall, Jens Unmack is the only original band member left. But anyone who has heard one of Love Shop’s concerts during this spring has seen a singer who lively and life-affirmingly steps out of the shadows. Love Shop’s pop magic has always been greater than the individual members.

NEXT LIFE (N) has been called both ’gameboy metal’ and ’chip-core’. The strangely precise descriptions make sense as the Norwegians combine fast and scorching metal with Asian avant-garde electronica and computer game beats. The guitar-synth-drums combo has been used several times before, but never in the manner of Next Life.

THE RAVEONETTES (DK) are constantly on the hunt for the primal source of rock. With this year’s critically acclaimed album Raven in the Grave, the duo takes a step in a new direction. Here 80s-esque dark synths and melancholic guitar crunch live side by side with the rock’n’roll that started the whole story of Denmark’s biggest rock export ever. Roskilde Festival welcomes home The Raveonettes.

For more ROSKILDE FESTIVAL information – click here >>>


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