Hultsfred Festival – Sweden


Hultsfred organisers have announced that the following 4 acts have been added to this year’s line up:

CRYSTAL CASTLES – First, it is appropriate to clarify a small detail. So it is NOT the cult arcade game Crystal Castles Released by Atari in 1983 as we have booked to Hultsfred festival. It is the immensely popular electoduon from Canada who come and play their intense and often glitch music. But you know how electronic files are sometimes difficult to make something special of their concerts? The problem is not Crystal Castles, which rather highlights their already energetic tracks of mind-affecting heights live. Front-woman Alice Glass is an epicenter of coolness.

DUNGEN – We love Dungen Dungen and love hip hop, as the old rhyme is not possible. But the fact is that Dungen frontman Gustav Ejstes is said to be down with rap even if it does not show through in the music he makes. Multi Instrumentals chord Ejstes is rather a royal purveyor of psychedelic and progressive rock with touches of flute, which made him one of the great both in Sweden and abroad in which the band could be a bit like an exotic and fuzzy Swedish rock band. Last album “Fuck The Everything” is as good as its title.

ISON & FILLE – The Ison & Fille still routine marked by dubious epithet that suburban boys, hip hop boys and so on is a slap in the country’s total music fans faces, there should be enough to write type text geniuses, rapkungar or just the best. Well, some years have passed since the men appeared on “The Swedish underworld,” and released “When we slide”, and when the last (sjunde!) album “Forever” was released in the spring it was basically impossible for obscurantism denying the duo’s greatness. Now it’s just that they may bring as many people as possible from Highwon down to Hultsfred.

DAWES – Southern Fried seventies rock with unbridled hair, drab shirts and maybe a hat, which delivers clear Band-vibes and thought best described by Youtube clip where the band makes a murderous version of “With A Little Help From My Friends”, complete with brilliant Joe Cocker imitation by singer Taylor Goldsmith and Woodstock Shearing. Released last year, singer “When My Time Comes”. Perhaps now?

For more HULTSFRED FESTIVAL information – click here >>>

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