Pukkelpop Festival – Belgium


On Thursday, you will be able to savour the sober and subdued sounds of Amatorski and The Bony King Of Nowhere, the dubstep beats of Kastor & Dice, the industrial-indie sounds of Rones and the music of new names like Teddiedrum, Benny Zen & The Syphilis Madmen and Willow. Puggy, the band that completely sold out AB this spring with their good, unpretentious pop, will be present too.

On Friday, extra distortion pedals will be needed for Rock Rally winners Steak Number Eight and Diablo Blvd, the more serious side of Alex Agnew. On top of that you will be surprised by the refreshing indie collective Yuko, the daft Belgotronics sound of our Walloon friends Hoquets, who will play their home-made instruments, and the original pop-punk songs of Flatcat. And we’re also looking forward to what Black Cassette, a new band with a lot of famous and/or infamous people in its ranks, will sound like. Our Limburg pride will also be there on Friday: the post-hardcore heroes Reiziger will play a reunion show; JFJ and their slacker pop will prove why they won Limbomania. In the Boiler Room you won’t be able to resist shaking your legs and whatever else to the music of the only female DJ, Raving George, and the latest addition to Lektroluv Records, Mumbai Science.

On the final festival day Gorki will appear on a Pukkelpop stage for the first time ever. Drums Are For Parades are bringing a horn section that answers to the name Shamans Of The Deaf Country. One of Wallace Vanborn’s many tours will also lead him to the Kiewit fields. You will certainly be humming along with ‘Black Video’ by SX. Pukkelpop is one of the few festivals they play this summer. On Saturday you can also discover the dark and gloomy tunes of Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat and the orchestrated chaos of The Rott Childs.

For more PUKKELPOP FESTIVAL information – click here >>>


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