Getaway Rock Festival – Sweden

Getaway Rock Festival 2011Manowar CONFIRMED AS HEADLINERS FOR Getaway ROCK FESTIVAL 2012

Joey DeMaio appeared Friday evening on stage at Getaway Rock Festival’s main stage in Washington and announced that Manowar “Kings Of Metal”, will perform at the headliners at next year’s festival.

In doing so meets Manowar his promise to return to the Swedish festival scene after a break of 12 years.

“The Swedish fans have won, their strong faith in real metal and rejection of false metal is the reason that we are finally coming back,” said DeMaio after the statement. “There were no compromises in their wishes, nor in our response, we promised each other that it must be all or nothing. It is no secret that the Swedish festivals have been about taking back Manowar to Sweden and eventually won Getaway”.

“This is a huge step for us and we are incredibly proud to have clear Manowar as next year’s headliners for Getaway Rock Festival,” said festival general Tomas Jernberg. “Manowar has a strong and loyal fan base in Sweden, the rest of Scandinavia and also world-wide. It feels great to be the festival that takes Manowar back to Sweden”.

“We played our last festival, Sweden 1999, and we promised that we would not come back until we can give our fans what they deserve. Next year, that promise fulfilled. We promise to crush all the power and strength.”

“This will be a gig that no true metal warrior can miss. We urge all Manowar fans, not only from Scandinavia but from around the world to join us to experience a concert that no one in the audience will ever forget,” continues DeMaio.

“We have heard the Swedish fans’ vote and we will listen to more countries vote to occur even in their countries,” said DeMaio. “For more news and surprises are on the way” promise DeMaio.

Check out some photos from this year’s GETAWAY ROCK FESTIVAL >>>


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