Rockstad Falun 2012 – Sweden


One-of-a-kind Dalecarlian icon Peter Tägtgren and his hard rocking HYPOCRISY are more than welcome to join Rockstad:Falun in 2012!  The show, which according to Peter will be offering the very best the band has to give in every way, will also be exclusive to this part of Sweden throughout the summer.

ENGEL have, with their industry-flirting melodic death metal, created their own niche within the so-called Gothenburg sound. Broad and easily listened to, without compromising on the roughness of the music. In addition the band, given their common merit list, could easily call themselves a Swedish super group. They prefer not to though – they’d rather let the music speak for itself.

F.K.Ü have been active since 1998, and have since then released three albums and a bunch of vinyl singles. Their latest album “Where Moshers Dwell” received great reviews from both Sweden Rock Magazine and Close Up Magazine. We have had our eyes on FKÜ for a long time, and now was the time to book them for a show in Falun.

Tickets for Rockstad: Falun is available for just 575:- SEK right now

For more ROCKSTAD FALUN FESTIVAL information – click here >>>


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