Hultsfred Festival 2012


Hultsfred organisers have revealed an exclusive one-off where The Cardigans at the 2012 festival will be playing the whole of the Gran Turismo album.

The Cardigans released Gran Turismo 1998 and the album was described at this time as daring as the band clearly took departure from their previous musical profile. With songs like My Favourite Game, Erase / Rewind and a largely new sound came Gran Turismo to sell more than 2.5 million copies worldwide.

The band expresses their common reaction at the Hultsfred festival’s request and their anticipation of the gig;

“When we received the request was set-up so unexpected and fun that we had to say yes. For us it’s about the joy of rediscovering a favorite album and hopefully it will be the same for the audience.”

Gunnar Lagerman is very pleased to have managed to tie The Cardigans to Hultsfred festival in 2012;

“Our ambition is to offer our visitors unique musical experiences, which we initiated with last year’s festival 2011th Therefore it is of course great fun that we can present one of our biggest bands, with something of this “once in a lifetime”-caliber! ”

The idea and the proposal was initiated and was brought to the band of Lagerman, which resulted in one of the band selectively chosen tour where they will only perform music from Gran Turismo.

The gig at the Hultsfred Festival is the only one in Sweden this year, most recently The Cardigans played live in their homeland was in 2006

For more HULTSFRED FESTIVAL 2012 information – click here >>>


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