Sweden Rock Festival 2012


Los Angeles’ Saint Vitus were first formed under the name Tyrant in 1978, but soon changed their name and released a self titled debut album six years later. With one foot firmly placed in the roots of Black Sabbath’s down tuned doomsday heaviness and the other in the punky aggression of Black Flag, Saint Vitus (with colleagues such as Trouble and Pentagram) soon found themselves in the frontlines of the early doom metal movement, releasing now classic albums such as ”Saint Vitus” (1984) and ”Born too late” (1986). The quartet continued to spread the genres gospel up until their break-up in 1996 and were laid to rest as a true cultact.

2003 the original members Dave Chandler (guitars), Mark Adams (bass) and Armando Acosta (drums) temporarily reunited their classic line-up with Scott ”Wino” Weinrich (The Obsessed) on vocals. Five years later the group decided to get back together on a more permanent basis with the drummer Henry Vasquez replacing Acosta who sadly passed away in 2010.

Saint Vitus have been working on new material for an album titled ”Lilly F65” (named after a barbiturate), the groups first since 1995’s ”Die healing”. The release is set for early 2012, just in time for the doomsters first visit to Sweden Rock Festival.

For more SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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