Rock Werchter 2012

Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium 2012PEARL JAM JOIN ROCK WERCHTER 2012 LINE UP…!!

Party time for PEARL JAM! It was 20 years ago that the American group released its iconic debut ‘Ten’ and they are celebrating this with a documentary, alongside a book and a double CD. The director is Cameron Crowe, which is no coincidence. He made ‘Singles’ in 1992, an important film about grunge and/in Seattle. He has lived through the whole story and has twelve hundred hours of archive material and 24 hours of interview to work with. “The cinematographic equivalent of a XXL concert T-shirt,” is how an American magazine described ‘Pearl Jam Twenty’. The live footage is particularly impressive. ‘Pearl Jam makes rock look like professional sport’ was a newspaper headline on August 31 2006, the day after their very first Belgian show at the Antwerp Sportpaleis. No note too many, furious and absorbing. The group convincingly combines the debutant’s energy with the benefit of experience. Tellingly, with the exception of drummer Matt Cameron (around since 1998) all the original members are still on board.

Pearl Jam just announced their 9 concerts only for June / July 2012 European Tour. Pearl Jam will play Rock Werchter on Friday June 29!!

For more ROCK WERCHTER 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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