Smukkeste Festival 2012


AZEALIA BANK (U.S.): The great British music magazine NME has just appointed the American rapper / singer Azealia Bank to # 1 on their “Cool List 2011” and writes in this connection: “Officially the Coolest person in music right now, hon Accidentally Fell Into music, She tells it like it is, and hon har musts unpredictable style in the world.” Azealia Bank is leaps and bounds on the up

MIKE & THE MECHANICS (UK): Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford is back with his own band – In the 2011 edition with the current album “The Road” is Introducing the new singers Tim Howar and surprise Andrew Roachford, who on their own ballgame was one of Britain’s most successful R & B artists in the 90s.

KENT (S): The great Swedish rock band gave one of the best concerts on Beautiful Fest vintage 2010 . Politiken was among those who receipted with 5 stars for “a concert, you gladly take home as a convincing demonstration of how unique, cool and sublime life-affirming, rock music can still be.” Kent is currently in the studio and started with recording sessions for their 10th album, which still has no release date – and the concert will be their only concert Danish west of the Great Belt in 2012.

DE ENESTE TO (DK): And so are we particularly proud to presenting Peter Sommer and Simon Kvamm with their joint project The Wall, which only play a single concert in 2012, namely the International Food Festival!

For more SMUKKESTE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>

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