Sweden Rock Festival 2012


Sebastian Bach’s colourful career started for real when he as a nineteen year old singer with a golden voice and rebellious nature joined the New Jersey-based group Skid Row. The bands impact was immediate as their self titled debut album featured several now classic anthems such as “18 and life”, “Youth gone wild” and “I remember you”. The follow up “Slave to the grind” saw the band rub elbows with megastars Guns N’ Roses, but Bach and Skid Row eventually parted ways.

Soon the singer made himself a name as a highly acclaimed Broadway performer, while still maintaining a more low-key solo career as a rock singer. With big parts in long running musicals such as “Jekyll & Hyde”, “Rocky horror show” and “Jesus Christ superstar” Bach perfected both his musical skills as well as his acting skills and later acted in several TV-shows.

In 2007 he made a highly prolific return to the metal scene when he released the solo album “Angel down”, featuring Bach’s friend Axl Rose on three songs. The follow up “Kicking & screaming” was released last fall and contains all the trademarks that have made Sebastian Bach one of the world’s most charismatic entertainers: hard and melodic rock/metal with a couple of beautiful ballads thrown in for good measure.

For more SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>

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