Graspop Metal Meeting 2012


Sabaton recently raised the roof at a sold-out Trix in Antwerp and the icing on the cake is that the band have been confirmed for GMM2012 next summer. On the back of the release of their brand-new album, they will be ready to write another proud chapter in GMM’s history!

Saying that Sabaton has always been a crowd favourite is undoubtedly an understatement. Their third GMM appearance in 2010 not only blew our socks off; their signing session later that day generated the longest queue we’ve ever seen. When the session was officially over, the band decided to continue the session at the adjoining stand so all the fans could get their stuff signed. Last summer’s first live release World War Live: Battle of the Baltic Sea captures the essence of Sabaton’s live prowess. Next summer they’re coming back armed with their eighth album, now tentatively titled Kings of War.

For more GRASPOP METAL MEETING 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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