Roskilde Festival 2012

Roskilde Festival DenmarkTHE CURE TO PLAY ROSKILDE 2012!
Robert Smith’s dark-romantic rock band is joined by AraabMuzik and Cold Specks.

We have another major act ready on a dark winter’s day. We proudly present a legendary band who has not played at Roskilde Festival since 2001.

THE CURE (UK) incarnates dark, British rock. In Scandinavia they are a huge act and a true audience favourite, not least due to a series of exceptional concerts at Roskilde Festival throughout the band’s long career. Dark-edged albums such as Pornography and Disintegration have secured The Cure a legendary status among rock critics. At the same time, Robert Smith and his black entourage are popular among a wide audience because of hits such as “Close To Me” and “Friday I’m In Love”. A concert with The Cure at Roskilde Festival is a great chance to experience the Brits’ grandiose, gothic rock live under the Scandinavian summer’s sky.

The Cure is joined by a couple of younger artists:

ARAABMUZIK (US) delivers a superior display of virtuoso skills, darkening the future of the guitar solo. With his beat-up MPC – an advanced drum and sample machine – as a starting point, Abraham Orellana creates harsh, cut-up, MC-free hip hop that mutates between trance, mash-up, dubstep and countless other urban, electronic genres.

COLD SPECKS (CAN) plays some kind of classic, American blues folk with a distinctive singer at the centre. With a little picking on her acoustic guitar – occasionally accompanied by a little cello and piano – the 23-year-old Al Spx creates a goosebumps-inducing atmosphere. A brand-new debutant with a voice from the old days.

For more ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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