Peace & Love Festival 2012


Last year we were invited to reggae in the world performed by himself, Ziggy Marley, and this year we want to have at least as good reggae and offers therefore into his little brother, Stephen Marley.

As the son of the world’s greatest reggae musician of all time has been a heavy mantle to shoulder, but for Stephen Marley has never been a problem. Already since childhood, he has been doing music, but it took until 2005 before the first solo album came. Since then there have been few tiles and now at last, Stephen returned to Sweden and it is only at Peace & Love to have the chance to see him in Sweden this summer.

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the hip-hoper Mac Miller. Just 20 years old, Mac Miller has made a really big name in the hip-hop arena and the hit song “Donald Trump” has over 44 million views on Youtube. This is therefore a rising star who has a bright future and now can be seen at Peace & Love in the summer.

After last year’s successful gig at Peace & Love, it would be almost a crime not to invite back Skåne comfortable swinging king of Timbuktu with groovy hip-hop with strong lyrics return to Borlange. During the fall, he has been seen to do hip-hop version of famous songs “So much the better

For more PEACE AND LOVE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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