Getaway Rock Festival 2012


Today Getaway Rock Festival organisers have revealed a further six more heavy duty names for this summer’s festival! All of these new additions are  making their only festival appearances in Sweden this summer Getaway Rock.

So here are the new bands:

Satyricon (N) Heavy black metal than that which comes packaged from the Satyricon can not summon up on this side of the 2000s. Last album The Age of Nero was released in 2008, and is already considered a solid classic.

August Burns Red (U.S.) in 2011 was August Burns Red headliner on the Warped Tour, 2012, to the Getaway Rock Festival! With his fourth album Leveler who came last year, the gang from Lancaster, Philadelphia, has positioned itself as one of the biggest bands in metalcore.

Warbringer (U.S.) The descendants of Slayer, Exodus and Anthrax have Warbringer boarded the world with its compelling love for metal. With an average of 300 gigs a year since his debut in War Without End, so it is no exaggeration to say that we Warbringer has a bizarre tight live band.

Skindred (UK) Skindred is quite unique with its successful way to pick well-chosen elements from punk, metal, reggae and electronic dance music, and so perfect twist the parts together into a perfect explosion which, honestly, only to be experienced live!

Trigger Finger (BE) Rockabilly, Stoner, electronica Belgians Trigger Finger is the best substitute for the serious Queens Of The Stoneage-abstinence. The Loudest Band in Antwerp will turn up the volume to 11 even at Getaway Rock Festival.

Kings Destroy (U.S.) Kings Destroy is one of the most interesting recent doom-metal bands today, and debuted as late as 2010 with the album And the Rest Will Surely Perish. The band counters the drawling most of the Sabbath grooves with a sound reminiscent of The Melvins and Goatsnake.

For more GETAWAY ROCK FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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