Hove Festival 2012


Now do you think maybe it has scribbled for us, but think again. We just tuned Welsh spring, in honor of the first band out this week: Lostprophets. Many of you have wanted and asked for this band since 2007, so it is with great pleasure that we can publish the finest rock band Wales has to offer right now.

Ever since its inception in 2000, Lostprophets have been considered as one of the most important hard rock groups in England, and has sold a total of over 4 million records worldwide. They have topped the album charts in Britain, won a whole bunch of Kerrang Awards and toured the world countless times with other bands such as Deftones and Linkin Park. Alternative rock, alternative metal, post-hardcore, nu metal. A pet band that has known many genres, and Lostprophets music you can really hear the band’s various influences. From punk and heavy metal, aggressive rock and almost catchy poprefrenger. Did you like Linkin Park at Hove last year, you will melt when you hear these guys live.

In April, Lostprophets release their fifth album, Weapons, described as its so far very, very best. The first single “Better Off Dead” (which you can hear here) was the BBC described as “the hottest record in the world” and is like a shot of the cardboard. Believe us, Lost Prophet’s going to take off at Hove this summer!

For more HOVE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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