Sweden Rock Festival 2012


Since Sabaton were not available for this year’s festival, due to other obligations the same weekend, organisers proceeded with other bookings. Later, when it became clear that Sabaton would in fact be able to make a quick stop in Sölvesborg on the opening day on their way to their European tour, no fitting slots were available on that day and it was impossible to fit a full show with the band into the schedule. Then came the idea to repeat the success of 2009: to have Sabaton perform the national anthem on Sweden’s national day! So, if you want to see one of the biggest metal Swedish metal bands in the world perform “Du gamla, du fria”, you should get a ticket that gives access to our opening day, Wednesday June 6th.

Sabaton will do a slightly longer set than last time, so even though this will by no means be a full concert, they will at least be able to perform one song from their new album “Carolus Rex” (released in late May) and possibly also one of their more classic tracks!

In addition, the band has promised to stick around after their show to sign their new album. “…And we will bring loads of pyrotechnics”, promises bassist Pär Sundström!

For more SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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