Skive Festival Denmark 2012


Festival organisers have today (14th February) announced their first acts for this year’s festival – Nabiha, Raunchy, Odd Numbers and Freja Loeb!

Nabiha – Curls or not – the Danish / African Vesterbro girl Nabiha has sung her way into our hearts with her fast-paced popnummer “Deep Sleep”. Number has since 2009 sold gold, and is not just stuck in our ears, but also on radio stations and in various television shows. She also appeared in “Deep Sleep” for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, where she also played her new single “Never Played the Bass”, who last week had a fabulous 4th space on the Danish charts! Nabiha and her colorful and life-affirming pop-soul music has been nominated for two P3 Gold awards and a Danish Music Award.

Raunchy – Thrash metal, industrial metal, metal core and melodic death metal – or as they themselves call it “futuristic hybrid metal”. Whatever term for their music, there is a risk of forest animals fleeing for awhile when Raunchy cut Rolinu, because it gets hardcore head-bang end! The band is probably best known for the numbers “Watch Out” and “Phantoms”, which has also hit in several European countries. In spite of possible animal escape, we are confident it will be a bold Fussion when metal and beech trees stumble together Rolinu scene to Skive Festival.

Odd numbered – There clearly something refreshing than a band like Odd Numbers, when the glorious language of flowers and youthful sense of beautiful melodies breathe new life into Danish-language rock. The band has with their song “Copenhagen” these who hit something, since they can go from being completely unknown to have 30,000 hits on Youtube in a week. The song and the band became a phenomenon even before they released their first album and signed to a record company. “Copenhagen” was spreading from person to person – not because it was hyped as “the week inevitable” at P3, but even before, because it just so insanely charming and honest. It was therefore very well deserved, that Odd Numbers on weekends harvested their first Steppeulv Price of the Year song. The band is currently back with the second single “Name in the Snow” from the debut EP which was released in October 2011.

For more SKIVE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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