Roskilde Festival 2012


Today’s announcement contains three highly promising shooting stars of electronic music who in no way see their respective nationalities as a musical limitation as well as the first of the Norwegian bands for 2012!

MARTYN (NL) mixes dubstep, techno, UK funky and drum’n’bass in a transatlantic genre fusion where Detroit, London, Chicago and Berlin are just some of the electronic metropolises popping out. Martyn was originally regarded as a promising name in bass-heavy dubstep. Today, the Dutch producer and DJ sounds more like a type that will not put up with a single musical label.

SHLOHMO (US) is a child of the same Los Angeles that has delivered former Roskilde artists such as Gonjasufi and The Gaslamp Killer. The young beat smith cuts into a personal niche with his delicate, electronic music. The music is based on several thresholds, including abstract hip hop, nature programme soundtracks in the vein of Boards of Canada and post-London dubstep.

THE TODDLA T SOUND (UK) goes all the way with a show featuring a sonic vortex of dancehall, house, garage and countless other dance genres from both Great Britain and the Caribbean. Sheffield’s own Toddla T has DJ’ed longer than he has been able to obtain a driver’s licence. Today he is a well-established British DJ act, for instance at the hot London club Fabric and on BBC Radio 1. With The Toddla T Sound, the prodigy enters the stage.

Roskilde Festival and the streaming service WiMP release this year’s first Norwegian act together.

120 DAYS (N) plays cold, dark electronic rock that sounds like Kraftwerk’s hometown Düsseldorf in the 70s and Manchester in the 90s.120 Days II (the follow-up to the debut album, which was also followed by a Roskilde-concert in 2007) bodes well for a rock rave full of laser lights, Norwegian cold degrees and house hypnosis.

For more ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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