Peace & Love Festival 2012


Peace & Love takes place June 26 to 30 in Borlange, and this year’s theme is “A New World” – we can now present the three British treasures to Peace & Love in the summer. Indie rock band Bloc Party, punk pop The Subways and the latest British sensation Benjamin Francis Leftwich is ready for the festival.

Bloc Party was formed in London in 2002 and has since played nice indie rock, but also a lot of post punk with clattering drums and nice guitars. Bloc Party released their debut album Silent Alarm in February 2005, an album that was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, and in February 2007 saw the follow up A Weekend in the City. In the spring, also a new record

One of England’s most popular live bands take the Subways to Borlänge and Peace & Love, a band that makes the absolute best at the festival. It is cheeky, punky and teenagey and The Subway always gives 100% live with their straight powerpop. Brothers Billy Lunn and Josh Morgan, and bassist Charlotte Cooper released their first album in 2005 and the song “Rock and Roll Queen” made famous by TV series OC.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich is only 22 years but has already achieved great success at home in England with their debut album Load smoke before the snow storm. What critics have lit the of when they hear the Son of York is the voice, a voice that is uniquely hypnotic and that builds up throughout the music. People have compared him to Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams and now Benjamin to Sweden and the Peace & Love.

For more PEACE & LOVE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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