Suikerrock Festival 2012


The Scottish group led by singer Sharleen Spiteri has been reborn after several years of inactivity, and connect Win for Life Suikerrock 2012 with an impressive string of hits.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1986, the group has a somewhat unusual track record: immediate huge success, than almost anything, and then many more success! Texas was founded by bassist Johnny McElhone with Altered Images and Hipsway already tasted success. Sharleen Spiteri, a meritorious fashion stylist is hired as a singer and then wonderfully. The group they get from the movie “Paris, Texas” (1984), because both Spiteri and Ally Mc Erlaine guitarist Ry Cooder who are fans of the sultry soundtrack for the print was made.

So in 1997 they transform into a catchy rock and pop band with the album ‘White On Blonde’ phenomenal score. The single ‘Say what you want’ is a huge hit, both in the original version and in the remix version with The Wu-Tang Clan. Also ‘Black Eyed Boy’ and ‘Halo’ are instant hits. This time they know or go surfing on the wave of success with second album ‘The Hush’ and hit singles’ Summer Son ‘and’ In our lifetime. During that period, they are also two years in a row (1999, 2000) high on the Werchter poster. In late 2000, appears a ‘Greatest Hits’ album, and until 2006, two less successful albums, but from then wanted Sharleen Spiteri her family life a time to let go. In 2009, the survival seemed uncertain of Texas after a stroke of guitarist Ally McErlaine, where he was 9 weeks in a coma. After a rehabilitation of a half year old and was McErlaine back to Texas last year, for the first time in a long time back on tour (including a memorable passage at TW Classic).

Rumor has it that a new album is coming, but now what is certain is that Texas on Sunday, July 29 the 26th edition of Win for Life Suikerrock a memorable finale will deliver!

For more SUIKERROCK FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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