Roskilde Festival 2012

Roskilde Festival Denmark 2012MEW CONFIRMED FOR ROSKILDE 2012

The exclusive concert with the Nordic favourites is announced along with Mutiny On The Bounty and Ter Haar.   Organisers have confirmed a much welcome Roskilde reunion, an audience favourite plays an exclusive show – one of very few in 2012 – for its Scandinavian fans.

MEW (DK) has developed a unique sound where Jonas Bjerre’s choirboy vocals are the human anchor point in a tornado of sophisticated, dreamy, often hard-hitting rock. Amidst these rugged sounds the band has even written some catchy-as-ever choruses that make pop fans cherish this band. Mew is in the studio these days, so maybe we will even be treated with tunes from an upcoming album.

A statement from Mew’s HQ says:
“Having sailed the seven seas, Silas, Jonas and Bo are back in the circle, busy building new floors and sections of the castle that Mew inhabits. Airy halls of light and wind, amber-coloured wood radiating from the bottom up, these rooms are future rooms for us all. This is celebrated with few concerts over the summer and autumn.”

Two equally challenging, European bands added to the lineup.  Along with the Danish favourites two European bands who like Mew have a penchant for complexity and edge have also been added to the line up.

MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (LUX) plays progressive, hard-hitting and technical rock. This music out of Luxembourg is not just well-executed and with more ideas in one song than many bands use on an entire album. It is also brutally beautiful, melodic guitar rock that will appeal to everyone who digs music with both balls and brain.

TER HAAR (DE) started out as an instrumental band, which you feel in the musicality and attention to detail in all of the trio’s songs – even after guitarist Philipp Koller has started singing. The ambition is edgy, complex post-rock that makes you want to dance rather than count time signatures. Don’t miss this band if you’ve enjoyed Battles’ angular rhythm.

For more ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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