Heineken Open’er Festival 2012


This July in Gdynia, the duo THE KILLS will play in Poland for the first time. Alison Mosshart visited Open’er two years ago with The Dead Wheather, yet this time, she’ll perform with her main act, also featuring Jamie Hince. The couple released 4 albums for Domino Records. The last one, “Blood Pressures”, came out exactly one year ago. Over nearly a decade, their music went through different phases. It was raw and garage, like their debut “Keep On Your Mean Side”, post-punk on ”No Wow”, to finally set towards contemporary production on “Midnight Boom”, which contained the most hit singles in their career so far.

Also enjoying their hit with single “Midnight City”, M83 will come back to Heineken Open’er Festival after 3 years. “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” is their 6th studio album. Even now, they have warm memories of welcome by Polish audience. It won’t be different now, especially when M83 became a highlight of end-of-the-year listings.

A fictional superhero from Jamaica and a moniker for two great producers – MAJOR LAZER is another artist to appear on World Stage. Diplo and Switch, who produced M.I.A. and Santigold’s best singles, bring their new record to Gdynia.

And finally, DRY THE RIVER, a London band who debuted a few days ago with “Shallow Bed”. The biggest labels fought to sign them up. No wonder, since indie folk is in again, and Dry the River play it so passionately it is hard to pass them by. In a couple of months, they’ll probably be as big as Mumford & Sons.

For more HEINEKEN OPEN’ER FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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