Peace and Love Festival 2012


When Magnus Uggla appeared on the scene in the 70s he was a really odd punk and glam bird. Debut plate If Bobbo Viking is a classic and he absorbed the atmosphere of the future like no other. All nostalgia and other fans can now return to the times, since Magnus runs a lot of material from these early years” says press officer Ronny Thompson.

You do not read a lot to catch the Magnus Uggla has done for the Swedish rock music scene. Ever since the first album If Bobbo Viking Magnus has delivered finds a furious pace and some discs are legendary. Now do the Magnetic Fields debut at Peace & Love by voicing songs from his early period, from About Bobbo Viking well into the 80’s.

From Pastry Broadway and the streets around the factories in Norrköping legendary Eldkvarn. There are few who might have escaped Eldkvarns success in recent years. With a handful of records, sold-out tours and a cookery of singers success has been a fact and Eldkvarn took No. 3 tram through the sweet life and received the new attention they deserve.

One of the biggest rockabilly queens and also the winner of this year’s Millencolin Music Prize is ready for the festival. Eva Eastwood released his first album in 1999 and has since released about one album every year, Eve’s new album, Oh, what a record! in April. The music is inspired by 50th century and its culture. She has appeared on Sing-along at Skansen and also as a songwriter for numerous artists.

For more PEACE & LOVE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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