Sweden Rock Festival 2012


“Schmier of Destruction told us ‘without Exciter there would not have been any thrash metal, you guys made that genre happen'”, said Exciter-guitarist John Ricci in an interview in Sweden Rock Magazine #72. Canadians Exciter were one of the very first bands whose music would be labeled thrash or speed metal, and their first three albums “Heavy metal maniac” (1983), “Violence and force” (1984) and “Long live the loud” (1985) are favourites among most whom like their metal raw and energetic.

Internal strife made founder and guitarist John Ricci jump ship in 1985, which spelt the beginning of the end for Exciter. After several attempts to revive the band, John himself finally got Exciter back on track in 1996. The headbanging community reacted enthusiastically, and the band has so far released five albums since then, most recently “Death machine” in 2010.

Musically, Exciter remain faithful to the raw, primitive sound that made them famous. Now, for the very first time, they take their intense liveshow to Sweden Rock Festival.

For more SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2012 information and full line up – click here >>>


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