Sweden Rock Festival 2012

Sweden Rock Festival 2012Entombed at Sweden Rock 2012ENTOMBED ARE COMING TO SWEDEN ROCK 2012!

In the early 90s, death metal was literally the new black. Stockholm was a major epicenter of the genre, and one of the bands deemed synonymous with the famous Stockholm sound was Entombed.

The quintet, risen from the ashes of the cult band Nihilist, made two of the most influential death metal releases of all time with “Left hand path” (1990) and “Clandestine” (1991). Their third album “Wolverine blues” (1993) also became historical, spearheading a new sound now known as death’n’roll. Further along the road, Entombed returned to a sound more reminiscent of their original style with, among others, “Morning star” (2001) and “Serpent saints” (2007).

Core members LG Petrov (vocals) and Alex Hellid (guitar) are these days reinforced by Nico Elgstrand (guitar), Victor Brandt (bass, ex-Satyricon) and Olle Dahlstedt (drums, ex-Misery Loves Co) and the band is still as intense on stage as ever before.

For more SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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