Peace and Love Festival 2012


Billy Idol and Peace and Love 2012Rock Nostalgia by Billy Idol, melodic hardcore rock with Rise Against, pop punk with Simple Plan, as well as heavy and aggressive hardcore with Anchor. Now released four more names to this summer’s festival.

One of the 80’s greatest rock icons Billy Idol coming to Peace & Love. British Billy Idol started his career in Generation X, and continued under his name to pump out the mega hits that “White Wedding”, “Sweet sixteen” and “Rebel yell”. Now, he set out on an extensive tour and only stop will be in town.

Rise Against rose to prominence in 2009 when hit ballad “Hero of War” revolved in countless mp3 player. A power ballad that simply could not escape anyone and who also broke from Rise Against normal melodic hardcore. The band was formed in 1999 in Chicago and later they were visiting the country was the 2011th Six albums have come to be the last of which came last year.

Canadian band Simple Plan finds inspiration from the days when Green Day topped the charts. Simple Plan takes this genre and makes it modern by today’s rules. After tours including Good Charlotte and Melody Club is the time for Simple Plan to align itself with the Peace & Love’s scene to give us a real pleasure injection accompanied by rapid beats and guitar playing.

Anchor is one of Sweden’s hardest, aggressive bands. With one foot in the hardcore scene and the others in the Metal Anchor has made a name for themselves with their aggressive sound and strong vocals. The inspiration from bands like Judge, Entombed and Verse.

For more PEACE AND LOVE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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