Metal Town 2012

MetalTown 2012, Gothenburg, SwedenFIVE NEW BANDS FOR METAL TOWN 2012

Metaltown could soon find that the summer will be darker and more brutal than ever. Playing alongside Slayer, Lamb of God, and Marilyn Manson on the 15th & 16th June will be Unpure, Aura Noir, Wild Heart, Shining, Who Torched Cinderella?

Unpure – is a legendary band from the Swedish underground – just as revered in the ancient underground circuits forgotten by today’s scene. Although in existence since 1991, released three demos and four albums and toured across most of Europe is Nynäshamn veterans a well-kept secret at home – the band’s re-grouping after four years of dormancy, however, puts an end to this.   Aura Noir – It is scientifically proven that Norway is the world’s best black metal. One of the pieces to the Aura Noir, who after almost 20 years together is still one of the most brutal acts.

Wild Heart – founded almost seven years ago and acquired a flattering reputation from day one, through their demos that was spread over Sweden. A rumor that quickly grew into a huge fanbase and that took them on a first European tour.  Shining – Only 14 years old, Niklas formed Shining Forth the band in the mid 90’s. What began as a traditional black metal, has since evolved into controversial extreme metal of the finest variety.  Who Torched Cinderella? – For music to be as poignant as possible, it turns into a direct physical experience. Music that is about to force every single brain cell to work overtime in order to flinch what it is about will never be as engaging as Mariestad Quintet Who Torched Cinderella’s brutal breakdown

For more METAL TOWN 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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