Optimus Alive 2012


AWOLNATION are the latest confirmation for the Heineken Stage at Optimus Alive’12, where they act July 14. The Biggest Concert Event in Music and Art marks the live debut in Portugal.  Design created by Aaron Bruno, the AWOLNATION edited in 2010 the first digital EP, “Back From Earth”, which was included the single “Sail,” which became an instant hit worldwide.

DEATH IN VEGAS, one of the most influential British bands of the 90s, are the latest confirmation for the Heineken Stage at Optimus Alive’12, where they act July 13.  With only two members, Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes, the Death in Vegas are changing style. With only five original albums, throw themselves with the same desire to psychedelic rock and electronic beats to dance to the track.

On stage, are recognized by the tense and intense concerts, which capture the full attention of the audience, unable to look away while the band is on stage. If confirmed, July 13, the promenade of Boksburg.

The party at the Heineken Stage is guaranteed with the confirmation of effusive BURAKA SOM SISTEMA. The action of the Portuguese band in promenade of Algés is scheduled for July 13.

The first release “From Buraka to the World” (2006), originally a limited edition of 700 copies, sold out in just one week. Launched by Enchufada Publishing House, created a few years earlier by John “J-Wow ‘Barbosa and Kalaf, the EP was made with recycled boxes where each package was different. Between trips and concerts, the group began working on the debut album, the explosive ‘Black Diamond’, which was to achieve Gold Record by selling over 10,000 units. The reputation of Buraka Som Sistema live continued to grow, with praise in the New York Times, The Guardian and The Fader.

In September 2010 the band locked up for a month in a house in the woods of Monchique in southern Portugal, to begin work on the second long-term. “Komba” was released in autumn last year and Buraka pushed back to the forefront of electronic music world with his unique vision of the global revolution of the ghetto.

For more OPTIMUS ALIVE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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