Sweden Rock Festival 2012


Crucified Barbara’s debut album ”In distortion we trust” arrived in 2005. The single ”Losing the game” charted in Sweden and ever since, the Stockholm quartet have more or less been on a roll. Their blend of hard rock, glam rock and punk was successful even in the Swedish semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest, where Crucified Barbara participated with the song ”Heaven and hell” in 2010, the year after their sophomore album ”’Til death do us party”. First and foremost, they are a live act. Among other things, they have tours with Motörhead and Europe plus appearances at Wacken Open Air and – obviously – SRF under their belts. On May 28th, their anticipated third album ”The midnight chase” will be released, appropriately just a couple of weeks before their equally anticipated return to SRF.

Join Pär Hulkoff, Matt Buffalo and Jonas Kjellgren together – which band do you get? Obviously Raubtier, but add to that Kenneth Seil from Kjellgren’s own band Scar Symmetry and you get the Bourbon Boys. Then, instead of industrial metal with Swedish lyrics you get roughneck country with a rockabilly groove and English lyrics. The Bourbon Boys have been known in the underground scene for years and their first album will finally appear later this year. Their first single ”Hillbilly heart” was released in February, and the Bourbon Boys’ SRF-debut marks their official step out of the underground.

Originally, Änglagård (roughly ”Angel Manor” in Swedish) were only active between 1991-94 and released two albums. These were tough times for traditional prog rock, to put it mildly. Few could guess that Änglagård’s debut album ”Hybris” (”hubris”; 1992) in particular would become the template for a whole new generation of Swedish prog rock. The Änglagård sound derives from such influences as King Crimson – the characteristic mellotron in particular – Genesis and fellow Swedes Trettioåriga Kriget. Add to that a hint of folk music and Anna Holmgren’s flute playing as the icing on the cake. The band was hailed as geniuses by prog fans in Sweden and abroad, and this year will finally see the arrival of the highly anticipated third Änglagård album. In addition, you’ll get to see one of Sweden’s most influential progressive bands ever live at SRF.

For more SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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