Ruisrock Festival 2012


The Ruisrock Festival, organized between the 6th and the 8th of July, has added two heavy league American bands that create music over genre borders. The Ruissalo stage will be taken over by The Mars Volta, this week their sixth album released great name in alternative rock as well as Suicidal Tendencies, the crossover thrash pioneer formed in 1982.

The Grammy-awarded The Mars Volta is definitely one of this millennium’s most interesting ensembles. Alternative rock, prog, hard core punk, psychedelic rock, jazz and Latin rhythms remarkably combining Texan band is known both for their captivating live concerts and their challenging but rewarding concept records. The band’s sixth album “Noctourniquet”, fresh from the oven, draws its inspirations from the children’s fable Solomon Grundy and the ancient Greece myth Hyacinthus.

Suicidal Tendencies, the father of crossover thrash that has published altogether eight albums, offers an explosive cocktail for the festival weekend combining hard core punk, thrash, heavy metal and even some funk and hip hop. The band’s distinctive style worked as a leading example for many new speed and thrash bands. The band has already even broken up once but it was once again awoken at the end of 1990’s and is currently truly alive and kicking. Suicidal Tendencies and The Mars Volta performed both at sold out venue gigs in Finland last year.

The Finnish additions offer freshness and experience. Apulanta celebrated their 20-year-long career last year and is arriving at Ruissalo in full vitality; the band is bringing along their new album “Kaikki kolmesta pahasta” which sold gold instantly and has sprung two chart topping singles. 13-year-old Robin has an extraordinary concert in promise for Sunday afternoon as the festival takes place in the young man’s home town. Robin fever started with an explosion at the beginning of the year with the hit “Frontside Ollie” which was followed by the triple platinum selling debut album “Koodi”.

The Ruisrock Festival daily program will be continued with more foreign and local artists during the spring.

For more RUISROCK FESITVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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