Bloodstock Open Air 2012


With a plethora of metal talent already on offer – including ALICE COOPER, BEHEMOTH, DIMMU BORGIR, TESTAMENT, HATEBREED and loads more – BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR has another fantastic addition to it’s main stage, in the form of New Orleans sludge-monsters CROWBAR.

The epitome of heavy, Kirk Windstein and co have been showing the world that speed isn’t everything since their debut “Obedience Thru Suffering” stunned the metal world in 1991 with its downtuned, slow-paced yet punishingly heavy sound. With nine studio albums under their very large belts, CROWBAR have mastered the art of the riff, continually delivering irresistible sludgey metal via a sound uniquely their own. With mammoth sludgey slabs such as “I Despise”, “All I Had (I Gave)”. “Time He’s Nothing”, “Like Broken Glass”, “Nothing” and many more, the RONNIE JAMES DIO Stage will be put to the test at CROWBAR’s only UK festival of 2012.

Over on the SOPHIE stage, additions come in the form of homegrown extreme symphonic metallers and Metal 2 The Masses winners SATURNIAN, fellow countrymen and Melo-death thrashers BLOODSHOT DAWN, as well as Finnish melodic death metallers Re-Armed.

For more BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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