Electric Picnic Festival 2012


Best known for the legendary “Because The Night” that has been covered by artists all over the world singer-songwriter PATTI SMITH is also a poet and an artist. Her creativity allows a fusion of her poetic lyrics and rock music. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007 and with many prestigious awards under her belt Smith truly is a living legend.

After last years Pulp success at Electric Picnic RICHARD HAWLEY obviously couldn’t get enough and is back for more this year! With 6 studio albums and another due for release in May 2012, working with Lisa Marie Presley and The Arctic Monkeys – how the rockabilly soloist will choose his set is beyond us!

Chaotic and energetic CRYSTAL CASTLES bring their electrifying live show to EP2012. Known for their lo-fi electro style Crystal Castles have a legion of dedicated fans this side of the Atlantic. The Canadian duo are currently recording their 3rd studio album after receiving widespread acclaim for their previous work.

Can we have your un-divided attention so we can multiply your interest? Added to the line up is London based DJ,SBTRKT. Known and respected for his remixes and original instrumentals SBTRKT has recently surprised the industry with his self-titled debut album by inviting guests to provide vocals for his arrangements. Stepping a tiny bit closer to mainstream has successfully made his work more accessible to a wider audience without losing his originality.

Following an announcement earlier this year that GRANDADDY have reformed we can officially announce that they will be performing at Electric Picnic. Ex-professional skateboarder, singer, guitarist and keyboardist Jason Lytle formed the band in the early 90’s in sunny California.

The significant Jazz influence that resonates through-out the electro drum and bass separates SQUAREPUSHER from the crowd and fans give him the deserved title as one of the greatest electro artists of our time. His upcoming album Ufabulum has been described by Squarepusher himself as “something very melodic, very aggressive” – intense, electifying and manic is the only way to describe his live shows.

Brighton boys THE MACCABEES chose the name for their band by whimsically flicking through the Bible and landing on a random word and despite this they claim that the band are not remotely religious!

With recent sell out shows in Benelux and rave live reviews, GAVIN FRIDAY proves that he still packs the same energy and passion with his performance ‘Theatrical and Phenomenal! Nothing touches Gavin Live ‘ Oor Magazine The Netherlands.

Actor, composer, writer, musician, singer, author… is there anything VAN DYKE PARKS can’t do? Well known for his contribution to the lyrics of The Beach Boys and starring alongside Grace Kelly, Van Dyke Parks has released six studio albums with his individual style.

Soulful and inspiring it is no surprise that many people regard MICHAEL KIWANUKA as the music defining the early months of this year – so much so that he won the BBC Sound of 2012 award. Kiwanuka who has collaborated with The Black Keys, supported Adele in her 2011 tour and announced a full North American tour has yet to release a full length album.

Difficult to pigeonhole into one music category THE JEZABELS have playfully described their sound as “intensindie”. Perhaps they are onto something as their music has travelled worldwide after massive success in their native Australia.

Rejoice! DUBLIN GOSPEL CHOIR are returning for their 7th consecutive Electric Picnic appearance, their staple Sunday morning performance has annually refreshed the minds and bodies of Picnicers after a late night.

Fun, young and Australian – EAGLE AND THE WORM have an ability to condense the feeling of summer, sunshine and love into song. The quirky, feel-good band are known to be extremely close and love sharing their life with their fans.

80’s folk rock band IN TUA NUA return to the stage to perform at Electric Picnic. Splitting in 1990 the band took on solo projects but now they are back together and are bringing their signature combination of traditional Irish music, rock and raw vocals. In Tua Nua are releasing their first recording in 23 years later this month.

For more ELECTRIC PICNIC FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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