Peace and Love Festival 2012


May month’s first band release contains six pop acts where two can already be considered veterans and four rookies are a promising and bright future ahead of them.

Her sweet and unique voice has gone straight into the hearts of us. She turned over the bones of the Swedish people when she considered other in so much better. She knocked the legs from us again with the single “Some die young”, in other words, Laleh hotter than ever so it would be more or less scandal to not let her play at Peace & Love 2012th The album Sing was released in January and went straight into number one on album charts.

This is pop music consisting of Super Mario beats and drunken synth loops, it is one of last year’s most popular artists and this is just the beginning of a long and lovely career. Tove Styrke is the artist who was discovered by Anders Bagge, the road went through Idol, got rid of the idol stamp and now is an electro pop artist of note. “Call my name” was going through each and every play list last year and the New York Post has listed Tove strength as one of the 10 most interesting artists.

Icona Pop is the Swedish duo that delivers electronic pop at its best. The forming, bloggers, dance floor and music critics worldwide. With the first single “Manners” secured the one spot in French labeln Kitsunés iconic collection series. In the autumn of 2011 came the group’s first proper release, the highly anticipated debut EP Nights Like This. During the year, scheduled to debut album to be released.

Lidingö girl Amanda Mair ended up on top when the news agency TT spectra at the end of last year asked a large number of people in music and media industries which artist they believe will account for the big breakthrough in 2012. We think they are absolutely right, soon 18-year-old Amanda’s big breakthrough will come in 2012 and therefore it is quite obvious that the book such a shining star for Peace & Love 2012th

Alina Devecerskis breakthrough single, “Move over” was officially released a few weeks ago but then a month, it spun frequently on the radio. Alina Devecerski from Sundbyberg, has played in several bands before, and in summer you have the opportunity to see her on several stages around the country.

Caviare Days consist of Maja and Lina Westin from Gävle. An unusual duo takes on modern pop music to new heights. Yesterday was released the debut album and this summer is the chance to see those everywhere in the country. The music includes psychedelic pop with a dollop of it where the dark from the 70’s, in other words, a recipe for success.

For more PEACE AND LOVE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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