Bjork Cancels Festival shows!


Icelandic singer BJORK has been forced to cancel her festival shows this coming June and July including Primavera Sound, Optimus Primavera Sound, Open’er, Roskilde, and Balaton Sound

Doctors found a polyp, affecting the singer’s vocal chords and Bjork’s specialist doctor has advised her to keep resting and not to continue with performances as that could result in permanent damage to her voice


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  1. fjdi says:

    there you can see that it is just a rumor that she is canceling other shows than the first two and last three in June and July

  2. Le Fataliste says:

    no, I mean, all the sources mention only both Primaveras and Balaton. no info on cancellation of both Open’er and Roskilde.


  3. Le Fataliste says:

    and what’s the source of this information?

    1. The festival organisers – check out the festivals concerned: / / or simply type “Bjork cancels shows” into google and you will see all the press.

      1. Le Fataliste says:

        yes, those were cancelled earlier, but the rest of the festivals?

      2. Just the festivals scheduled in June and July have been cancelled so far!

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