Peace & Love Festival 2012


Organisers have today confirmed 3 popular pop acts for this year’s festival line up!   Indie pop band The Shins from New Mexico in the U.S. will visit Sweden and Peace & Love during her extensive European tour. Sugarplum Fairy, who played at the festival almost every year are coming back and also Gothenburg artist Kristian Anttila is confirmed.

The Shins make the perfect pop personified. They are a contemporary pop band with a dash of everything from various 60’s to early The Church and Echo & The Bunnymen. In other words, the pop band you’ve always wanted to hear, and most likely you have already heard The Shins. This summer expect sold-out gigs in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and Stockholm, and a large and continuous coast to coast tour in the U.S.. The band has been praised wherever they come, and new single, “The Rifle’s Spiral”, taken from the album Port of Morrow, will be released on 28th May, but the magic of Edward Gorey-inspired animated video is already released.

Last year was an exception. It was the only year ever that Sugarplum Fairy hasn’t played at Peace & Love. Although organisers invited along with the band at a free gig in Borlänge to compensate but this year it’s a really hungry band who after the year is do not want anything but to return to the stage at Peace & Love.

Kristian Anttila solidifies his greatness as pop prince from the West Coast with his melodious indie and incredibly beautiful lyrics. It was two years since the last album Swedish girls was released and since then we’ve really missed Kristian,luckily he  is now back with the album Animals and humans.

For more PEACE AND LOVE FESTIVAL 2012 information and line up – click here >>>


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