Peace and Love Festival 2012


The week’s other band release now published four acts in hip-hop and reggae. Chords will be back after his celebrated 2010 gig, Cubanen X Alfonso making his third gig at the festival, Navid Modiri appear under his name and Borlänge’s own rapper Follow Him To the End of the Desert occur at home. Peace & Love takes place June 26 to 30 in Borlange, and this year’s theme is “A New World”.

Although it’s been a while since the debut, Chords kept himself busy over the years. He has traveled throughout Scandinavia and Europe as well as east and west coasts of the United States and made a total of more than 150 concerts with primarily Timbuktu & Damn! and Completely Off but also Looptroop Rockers, J-Ro, Mapei and Danish house producer Varano. Now he’s back with new album and renewed energy.

Cubas greatest modern artist makes hat trick of Peace & Love Shows. For the third consecutive year he comes back to the Peace & Love, with its rock-scented blend of hip-hop and reggae. X Alfonso is a really influential artist in Cuba, b la official ambassador for UNICEF and Minister for Peace & Love Havana. 2009, he played in his hometown of Havana for 1, 1 million people in the audience.

It was not supposed to Navid Modiri would become a musician. The goal was set in writing when Navid wrote his first book of poetry and had a romance going on. But then he met seven musical guys in Skåne and they had the patience to let Navid discover their musicality. Since then it became disks and energetic gigs with backing band the Gods. Now, Navid finally back on stage, this time under his own name and date with new ep Hopeless.

Follow Him To The End of the Desert is a dedicated and close to insanity convinced vegan and hip-hop artist from the industrial town of Borlänge in Dalarna dark forests. He is the only act of its kind. He has enlightened and preached live in places that Debaser Slussen, Roskilde Festival and races with their original and intense live performances. He’s been dissed, huh? By Jan Guillou for his involvement in the wolf debate. The debate may be important but it is music that is driving and after some vinyl EPs and mixtapes are in June, time for the first single “Time To Die” from the album The Dalecarlian Book of the Dead coming this fall.

For more PEACE AND LOVE FESTIVAL 2012 information and lien up – click here >>>


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