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But don’t worry we aren’t moving very far!

We have been running this blog now for about 3 years and it’s a great success bringing European festival news to 1000′s of festival fans, but we are now updating our main website and feel it makes sense to bring the blog into the site so that all our festival news is in one place and easier for you guys to find.

We have now re-launched in October so it coincides with the start of our ‘Festival Fever 2013′ competition where you will be able to win festival tickets and other great prizes in return for performing some easy tasks or by simply pressing an enter button, there will be many opportunities to enter and get involved.

The new website has more features and be more user friendly, so if you subscribe to this blog you will be able to join our new blog NOW – just head over to this page:


You can also check out our new e-tainment news (USA), Festivals USA and Festivals Australia sites and let us know what you think!



  1. Emily Walker says:

    If you are 16, do you have to buy an adult ticket?

    1. Each festival is different, some are over 18 only others are open to all ages it’s best to check the terms and conditions on the website of the festival you want to attend. Generally there is only one price but a children’s ticket would only be available for those under 12.

  2. Seweryn says:

    You lost one festival. The biggest open-air festival in Europe – 17. Festival Woodstock in Poland at Kostrzyn on the Oder. One of the biggest rock festivals in the world.

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