Rock Zottegem Festival

Rock Zottegem FestivalRock Zottegem Festival takes place at Zottegem, Belgium

Rock Zottegem Festival 2012 dates – 6th to 7th July

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About the Rock Zottegem Festival

Zottegem Rock is an annual festival of pop music and rock, which is held on a meadow in the East Flanders Zottegem .

The festival was first in 1994 at the market in Zottegem organized each year and grew gradually in size, so in the end of the center of town to the site of the Bevegemse Ponds moved. For several years the festival attracts an average of twenty thousand visitors per issue. It is usually in July and lasts two days now, a Friday and Saturday.

The programming of Rock Zottegem targets the better-known names in rock and pop world and keep this to a certain degree of diversity in terms of genre. Notorious guests were hitherto example Dog Eat Dog, Fischer Z , Front 242 , Clouseau , De Heideroosjes , Echo and the Bunnymen , James Brown , The Man , Praga Khan , The Sisters of Mercy , Madness , Motörhead , Flogging Molly and Alice Cooper


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