Tomorrowland Festival

Tomorrow Land FestivalTomorrowland Festival takes place at Boom, Antwerp, Belgium

Tomorrowland Festival 2012 dates – 27th to 29th July

Buy festival ticketsTOMORROWLAND FESTIVAL 2012 – LINE UP
Pendulum, Maceo Plex, Felguk, Sven Väth

Area 1
Avicii, Fatboy Slim, Bloody Beetroots Dj set, Calvin Harris, Alesso, Cazzette

Area 2
Carl Cox, John Digweed, UMEK

Area 3
Jamie Jones

Area 5
Above & Beyond

Area 10


Area 1
Skrillex, Martin Solveig, Hardwell

Area 2
Porter Robinson

Area 4
Terence Fixmer, Cari Lekebusch

Area 7

Area 9
Bingo Players


Area 1
David Guetta, Nicky Romero

Area 2
Dave Clarke, Green Velvet

Area 7

Area 8
John O’Callaghan vs Orjan Nilsen


75 Comments Add yours

  1. Wilson doyle says:

    I have tomorrow land tickets for sale and any interested person should contact me via

    They are at cheaper rate.

    Thanks for your correspondences.

    Wilson Doyle.

  2. Marc-A says:

    i am looking for a full madness pass can someone help me out? contact me at /thank you

  3. Megan says:

    Anyone have or know where I can find 1 full madness comfort pass? Please contact me at Willing to pay $$$

    1. karan says:

      email me at to get some tickets

  4. Dhisana says:

    Anybody have 2 full madness comfort passes they can give away. i will pay for them, pleasee x If so, contact me on
    Thankyou x

  5. Tony says:

    hell yeah!!! from Australia to Belgium here i come!! wooooottt!!

  6. mochima says:

    from Venezuela to Tomorrowland…..

  7. Zanky says:

    All the way from NYC to tomorrowland 2012.. lemme know if anyone from NYC is going too.. would love to meet a group and party our faces off .. add me @ .. hope to see you guys there.. its gonna be rowdayyyyy !! :DD

  8. camille says:

    where is the nearest airport to tomorrowlands? so know where to fly to x

    1. We suggest you do a google search as there are a couple you can fly to – Antwerp, Ghent or Brussels – it depends where you are flying from and how far you want to travel from the airport

  9. Robbo says:

    Wooo hoop come on tomorrow land 2012 can’t wait. Coming from Wales. But like Most people would love as much info ASAP. 1 question tho if u drive out there where do u leave ur car?? Cheers

    1. adam says:

      hey man what part of wales u travelling from and how many of u are going?

    2. joao says:

      can u tell me who to get tickets for big grups

      E-Mail me

      1. Contact festival organisers direct – ticket information should be released today

    3. karan says:

      hey….we r also coming from wales. add me on fb.

  10. sean sutcliffe says:

    wondring can you buy tickets from ireland or how would i get me hand on some

  11. sarah says:

    im a little confused on what happens on the 1st of jan??

  12. kyrfataro says:

    hello tommorow land is 18+

  13. Kevin Reilly says:


  14. Pachecr says:

    If I want to organize a package can we buy a lot of tickets at once or does is it one ticket per person?

  15. Adam pasche says:

    Hay I live in Australia never been before n is keen to go can yous please send me info bout the wkend? Where can I stay or do I stay on site or hostel? When the ticket go on sale n how much? Just any info I may need thanks if yous help

    1. ashley beames says:

      me too! i need to know all the same information… and what airport in belgium do we need to land in?

    2. dean says:

      also would like advice on this!!! cheers

  16. Katie says:

    Does anyone know the easiest options from Scotland to the Festival? Dying to go!!

    1. shaun says:


    2. ross says:

      I’m going from Scotland too! We’re thinking of getting the ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam then train down to Boom

  17. Miranda says:

    when are the tickets going to be available?

  18. tayla sav says:

    Please please please can Justice be on the line up for tomorrowland 2012. I think I would die of happyness. I really would.

  19. Laura cunningham says:

    Please contact me be for the tickets go on sale as this would be a dream come true Thanks xxxxxxx


  21. dan dgs schuetter says:

    tomorrowland is fuckin insane! DGS will be present booming my face off!!!

  22. elina says:

    i want to come to tomorrowland and i want to know how are the prices about food and drinks.. pls answer me… xxxx

  23. lara says:

    can someone please give me a rough idea of how much ticket prices were this year 2011? I will be coming from south africa

    1. anton says:

      hi we also planning a trip from SA.if you get any info please let me knw if u cme ryt wit prices n transport.wev got our own idea of hw much it costs n hw to get there,but two ideas are beta than 1. twitter @acid-burn

  24. leona says:

    How od do you need to be to attend tomorrowland ?

  25. elipso says:

    I’m attending the 2012 tomorrowland festival. Trance for life!!!!

  26. Colm says:

    just wondering, does the 3 day pass ticket for Tomorrowland include camping or can must we book somewher else??

    1. gavin says:

      from last year it was 71 euro for 3 day pass. and 15 for camping

  27. Scott Watson says:

    What a way to celebrate my 25th birthday….first day of tomorrow land falls on it as well buzzing!!!

    The boys from aberdeen scotland will be in full force!! Kilts will be on show for sure 😀

    1. bux says:

      Yass. Another Aberdonian out in force. Luv it min!

    2. mine too bro… 27th of July i’ m gonna be 24yrs old.. dying to go there…

      from Greece with love…..

  28. Emma says:

    Hey just wondering how to get tickets and the pricing

  29. Burg says:

    I need some tickets please!!! Help me out

    1. Subscribe to our blog or facebook page and you will get all the latest information-

  30. Denise says:

    How much a is food and drink to buy in there after your tokens are gone?

  31. Jordan Coe says:

    I would like tickets for tomorrowland

  32. Alejandro says:

    Hi, if you are intersted in going to the big concert tomorrowland 2012 from NYC contact me at we are working in the full package that includes:
    * Airline tkts- Hotel 4 nights ior Tend at the concert tranfers airport in/out, and tomorrowland tkts ( waiting for prices ) to promote.

    1. Alejandro says:

      We will get the best airline group rate Tkts NYC – BRU – NYC for tomorowland/2012

    2. Michael says:

      Hi there
      Will there be any packages coming from london?

  33. adam says:

    how much were tickets for 2011? this is AMAZING

  34. jack says:

    how much where the tickets last year so i know realistically what they will cost

    1. Their site is down right now but check out and the tickets link for info!

    2. gavin says:

      49 euro a day or 71 weekend pass

  35. Jonny says:

    Wanna know release dates an line up for Tomorrowland 2012

  36. hollie vella says:

    Hi, is it possible to book tickets beforehand?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Yes! If you read the comments above you will see that they are going on sale in April 2012.

  37. Matua says:

    I am coming from australia for this, dont care how much, dont care how many ppl i need to kill to get there, i will not die before i go to tomorrowland!!!!

    1. Elyshia says:

      I am in the same vote!!! Tomorrowland 2012 I will happily pay the few grand to make it over from aust!

    2. Ella says:

      I’m coming from new zealand baby

      1. Dane says:

        hi Ella

        myself and some friends are keen to go have you got tickets to the concert??? would love to chat to you bout it give me a txt on 02102853003 if you can help


  38. aaron says:
    there ticket prices.

    They will go on sale on april 2012.

    Cant wait =]

  39. lyleguntert says:

    lol i swear some people cant read :L tomorrow land said that tickets arent out yet! -_-

  40. Tickets for 2012 have not yet gone on sale: – dates have been confirmed but no acts or tickets have been released yet!

  41. Chris says:

    Are the tomorrowland tickets all sold out?

    1. Hi, please read the recent comments above. Dates have just been announced and there are no bands released or tickets on sale yet. Subscribe to our blog or facebook page and you will be the first to know when it goes on sale and who’s playing.

  42. Daniel says:

    Wanna be the first to get a ticket, is there no date at all where the tickets might be sold and where from for instance e-ticket??

    1. Hi, Tomorrowland has only just announced dates for 2012 – 27th – 29th July, there are no bands as yet and tickets aren’t on sale. Subscribe to our blog or check out our facebook page as we will post information as soon as it’s available.

      1. Danielle says:

        When do the tickets come out not pre-sale and how much ?

      2. If you subscribe to our blog you would have received an email 2 days ago with all the info, if you don’t then you can find it here:

  43. Karl gorman says:

    Where do I buy tomorrowland tickets can someone tell me plz thank u an how much ?

    1. Hi – please see our comment from a few days ago above!

  44. Esteban says:

    Def need my tickets now

  45. Rebecca says:

    When will tickets be on sale for tomorrowland 2012? & where can i get them from?

    1. Hi, Tomorrowland has only just announced dates for 2012 – 27th – 29th July, there are no bands as yet and tickets aren’t on sale. Subscribe to our blog or check out our facebook page as we will post information as soon as it’s available.

      1. BT-HOLLA says:


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