Ilosaarirock Festival

Ilosaarirock Festival FinlandIlosaarirock Festival Finland takes place in Nummijärvi, Kauhajoki, Finland

Ilosaarirock Festival 2012 dates – 13th to 15th July
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The History of Ilosaarirock Festival
The Ilosaarirock Festival is an annual rock festival held on the second weekend of July in Joensuu, Eastern Finland. Founded in 1971, Ilosaarirock is the second oldest rock festival in Finland still active, and one of the oldest in Europe. In 2007 the event had 21,000 daily visitors. The festival has been sold out in advance every year since 1998.

Ilosaarirock is an entity of events that in its entirety, with clubs and side-events, spans from Friday to Sunday. The actual festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday. The festival site, called Laulurinne, stages performances on five separate stages with over 50 artists. Including all events, Ilosaarirock weekend hosts over 100 artists.

Ilosaarirock is organized mainly by volunteers and is put together by over 1,500 volunteer workers. The Ilosaarirock festival’s graphic look is chosen through an open design contest every year. The Ilosaarirock festival is organised by Joensuu Pop Musicians’ Association, which is a non-profit organisation. The profits of the festival are used to support the North Karelian music scene, bands and artists.

Ilosaarirock Festival – Line Up 2011
Sielun Veljet (FIN), Aphex Twin (UK), Blackfield (UK/ISR), Buzzcocks (UK), Cody ChesnuTT (USA), The Exploited (UK), Gentleman (GER), Iced Earth (USA), Kvelertak (NOR), Madness (UK), Melt-Banana (JPN), Kate Nash (UK), Ojos De Brujo (SPA), Red Sparowes (USA), Ablazer, Apulanta, The Blanko, Carnalation, The Dirge Organ, Dusha Pitera, Finntroll, Happoradio, Holik, Hooded Menace, L.A.O.S. live feat. MC Reefer (FIN/UK), The Latebirds, Liljan loisto, Medeia, Minä ja Ville Ahonen, Michael Monroe, Neljä Ruusua, The Northern Governors, Laura Närhi, Omnium Gatherum, Paleface, Pertti Kurikan nimipäivät, Samuli Putro, Raappana & Sound Explosion Band, Rokkilokin Rentoshow, Rubik, Satellite Stories, Stam1na, Stella, Sweatmaster, Uusi Fantasia, Villa Nah, Von Hertzen Brothers, Yona ja Orkesteri Liikkuvat Pilvet

Ilosaarirock Festival – Line Up 2010
Bad Religion, Ismo Alanko & Teho-osato, Tarot, Melrose, Olavi Uusivirta, Viikate, UNKLE (live), Imogen Heap, Katatonia, Pariisin Kevät, Mokoma, Ghost Brigade, Absoluuttinen Nollapiste, Ville Leinonen & Majakan soittokunta, I Walk The Line, Radiopuhelimet, Queen Ifrica, Tunnelmissa Reggae Disco, Komposti Sound, Kemmuru, Tunnelmissa Reggae Disco, Komposti Sound, Kuukumina, Tunnelmissa Reggae Disco, J-Laini, Miss Saana and the Missionaries, Tunnelmissa Reggae Disco, Cstar & Gibson Jones, Jukka Poika & Sound Explosion Band, Tunnelmissa Reggae Disco, DJ Ker-One, Ukkosmaine, I Was A Teenage Satan Worshiper, Kumikameli, The Micragirls, Streak and the Raven, Mullets n’Bullets, Faith No More, Amorphis, Eppu Normaali, Jenni Vartiainen, Lapko, DJ Shadow, DevilDriver, Biffy Clyro, Insomnium, Vuokko Havatta, Joensuu 1685, Circle, Rise and Fall, Ricky-Tick Big Band, Manna, Ziggi, Tunnelmissa Reggae Disco, 4ward Squad, Stepa, Tunnelmissa Reggae Disco, 4ward Squad, Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar, Tunnelmissa Reggae Disco, Black Bear Sound, Polarsoul ja Kaverit LIVE, Tunnelmissa Reggae Disco, Black Bear Sound, The Valkyrians, No Shame, Rytmihäiriö, Nestor, G-ODD

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