Puisto Blues Festvial

Puisto Blues Festival FinlandPuisto Blues Festival Finland takes place in Järvenpä, Finland

Puisto Blues Festival 2011 dates – 29th June to 3rd July

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The History of Puisto Blues Festival
The Lakeside Blues Festival will take place in Järvenpää. This is already the 31st consecutive festival. Järvenpää, a town of 37,000 inhabitants, is located about 40km north of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

The first Lakeside Blues Festival was held in 1978. Since then the event has grown to be one of the leading blues festivals in Europe. During the years numerous leading blues artists have appeared at the main concert and clubs along with a great number of other rhythm music artists from all around the world.

During the Blues Festival the small town of Järvenpää will awake to the opening of the “Blues Street”, where one can find intensive live music from midday to evening during those five days. Also there will be a lot of recreational activities for children. Lakeside Blues Festival is especially renowned for its image of being a festival for the whole family. For example, kids under the age of twelve can attend the main event with their parents free of charge!

As the evening falls upon the town, the music will continue at four clubs where tens of different bands will do their best to entertain rhythm and blues fans. In addition to all this there is a Jump Pavillion at the Lakeside Park. This pavillion offers entertainment for people who also want to dance as they listen to the music.

The main concert of the Lakeside Blues Festival begins at noon on the final day. The venue is a charming park by the lake Tuusulanjärvi. This enviroment of great natural beauty creates a unique atmosphere for listening good blues. As always, the whole festival will be arranged entirely by voluntary crew.

In past years artists have included BB King, John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Rait and the Neville Brothers.


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