Rock Harz Festival

Rock Harz Festival, GermanyRock Harz Festival takes place at Ballenstedt Airport, Germany

Rock Harz Festival 2012 dates – 12th to 14th July

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Blind Guardian – Headliner
Amon Amarth – Headliner
Arch Enemy, Sepultura, ASP, Paradise Lost, Epica, Deathstars, Pain, Oomph, Knorkator,, Morgoth, Emil Bulls, Tanzwut, Paul Di Anno, Before the Dawn, Deadlock, Coppelius , Betontod, Suidakra , Black Sun Aeon, Gernotshagen, Red Fang, The Other

The History of Rock Harz Festival
15 eventful years have so far brought into the country, was launched since the ’93 Rock Harz into life. Near-failures of the festival gigs on the bands on truck trailers, attendance of just less than 100 heads and meteorological disasters, has the coat resin, the place of pilgrimage for rockers, metalheads, goths, Alternativos and onlookers, until today, the one or the other, sometimes drastic, however, undergone essential change.

Considering the sensational line-up this anniversary year, we can not deny that the concept worked, that blood, sweat and … all the years have not been shed in vain.


Established in 1993 by the Society and Culture on the Rock the Rock Harz Harz eV was still under the name? “Rock gegen Rechts?, Was by no means open air and lasted 6 hours. The highlight of the evening were the crashes racing pigeons and a band with the promising name Dahammwadensalad. But with nearly 1,400 young people in the Stadthalle Osterode the concept of the foundation stone was laid for future success.

Already in fact, the festival has shifted from the city hall out into the open air, on the recreational area in Lasfelde to be exact. In a trailer rocked the invited Regional bands before nearly 1,000 attendees minds. No, a new beginning!

Even ’96 was a stage with no fewer than 48 sqm lush playing surface, (compared to the main stage today is no less than 200 sq court), and organized bands like Guano Apes – the well known short time later, already filled arenas – The Atmosfear, Hunger Strike Wasteland, Catty Caress and Tallian Gray gave the honor. And the first campers pitched their camp.

’97 There was even a provisional total of 2500 record attendance of visitors, drawn by 17 artists, including Speak’n’Fish, MCDoors, Silent Hectic, X-rated from Switzerland, Wild Thing, Silly Season, Mad Minority, RAW and more.

Rock Harz 1996 – 16th & 17th August

8 bands including Guano Apes, Melrose punks, Hunger Strike, Wasteland, a bit older than 1000 visitors, 48 meters stage, bright sunshine, then there were modest two sales booths, equipped with 500 sausages and 250 steaks supplied by visitors to . Auch die 3 DM- Preise für Bier und Wurst sind erinnerungswürdig. Even the 3 DM-prices for beer and sausages are memorable. To entertain the younger guests, there was even a bouncy castle. Erstmals wurde auch ein kleiner Obulus verlangt, um die Kosten für Bühne, Equipment, Bands etc. zu decken. For the first time a little mite was required to lower the costs for stage, equipment, cover bands, etc..

Rock Harz – Line Up 2001
10 bands, including Kissed, Fear Of The Dawn, Skyclad, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, a total of about 1,300 attendees, at an approximate distribution of 500 on the first day and 800 second to; 48 m² stage; interesting about the Rock Harz 2001, the special concept: Friday – Metal Day, Saturday – Tribute Day. The heavy storm and the even more violent rain ensured that the Friday headliner Skyclad was forced to stop performing. The stage sank slowly but surely in the mud, so the safety of fans, band and equipment was no longer guaranteed.

Rock Harz – Line Up 2007
30 bands, including In Extremo, Kreator, Clawfinger, Oomph!, ASP, Rage; 4500 visitors per day, 144 m² stage. Abgesagter Headliner-Gig von WASP, aber super Ersatz von Destruction! Canceled a headlining gig of WASP, but super substitute for destruction! Once again a well-mixed line-up that left nothing to be desired, but shredding Pavilion, softening the ground weather, mostly, but some beautiful sunsets, warm, calm interludes and a rainbow icing compensated as one or another car and remained stuck muddy boots; Because of the soil had softened in the last minute 100t Wood chips are organized, which should absorb some liquid.

Rock Harz – Line Up 2010
Black Messiah, Cast in Silence, Dark Age, Deicide, Delain, Devildrivers, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Disbelief, Doro, Edguy, Eisbrecher, End Of Green, Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Feuerengel (Late Night Special Rammstein-Tribut), Gernotshagen, Hypocrisy, Krypteria, Marduk, Mono Inc, Overkill, Rage, Sonic Syndicate, Sonata Arctica, Subway To Sally, The Haunted, Therion (Only Show Germany 2010), Unzucht, Vader, Van Canto, Varg

Rock Harz – Line Up 2011
Frei.Wild, Stratovarius, Hypocrisy, Amorphis, Pro-Pain, Neaera, Vreid, Fozzy, The New Black, Cripper, Sons Of Seasons, Hammerfall, Tarja, Dark Tranquillity, Saltatio Mortis, Caliban, Haggard, End Of Green Eisregen, Fiddler’s Green, Powerwolf, Wbtbwb, Manegarm, Hackneyed, The Sorrow, Lay Down Rotten, Stahlmann, Vogelfrey, In Extremo, J.B.O., U.D.O., Letzte Instanz, Turisas, Ektomorf, Hail Of Bullets, Tyr Grand Magus, Feuerschwanz      Orden Ogan, Silverlane, Motorjesus, Guns Of Moropolis


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