Food For Your Senses Festival

Food For Your Senses Festival 2012, LuxembourgFood For Your Senses Festival takes place in Tuntange, LUXEMBOURG

Food For Your Senses Festival 2012 dates – 25th to 27th May

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Kraftkulub, Francois and The Atlas Mountains, Talco, Go Back To The Zoo, CRO, Mutiny on The Bounty, The Inspector Cluzo, Inborn!, Alamo Race Track, Eskimo Callboy, Roscoe, Scarred, Sun Glitters, (Trap), Supershirt, De Lab, The Intersphere, Phrasenmaher, Envy, Breakdown of Sanity, Funky P, Talking to Turtles, Hal Flavin, This Town Needs Guns, Flying Orkestar, Illbilly Hitec, Till We Drop, Hills Have Eyes, Porn Queen, Lys, The Convertibles, Project 54, Eisberg, Fights and Fires, Dream Catcher, Natasha Loves You, Love A, Dikita, Scene Writers, Kate, Falling Promises, Monophona, Dirty Crowes, Adoptees, Blind Freddy, Weekend Trips, Twisted Frequencies, The Jacob Conspiracy, The Gambling Badgers, Living Process, A Mute Apeal, T The Boss, Blackbox, Open Seas, Taste of Liberty, Arkaeon, Quentin Lagonza, Don’t Feed Us To The Sharks, Lawyers Guns and Money, No Metal in this Battle, Mofahead, Mount Stealth, Era Iguana, No Account For Taste, Inhuman Rampage, The Northern Lights, DJ Dee

The History of Food For Your Senses Festival
Ten years ago the small village of Tuntange, situated in the heart of Luxembourg, was known for its calm atmosphere, its idyllic landscape and the ancient wisdom shared by its farmers. Times have changed! Tuntange is now home of the FOOD FOR YOUR SENSES, Luxembourg’s finest alternative music festival. On a crossroad between Belgium, France and Germany, the FFYS brings together festival-goers seeking for a flawless mix of music, art and discovery. Last year’s edition gathered 9000 visitors in 3 days, offering them a total of 90 bands on 3 stages.

This year the FFYS will enhance itself to an all-embracing sensorial cocktail. The festival-goers from the Greater region will be served the finest up-coming Rock, Indie, Metal, Electro and Hip-Hop-acts from all over Europe 


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