Summer Darkness Festival

Summer Darlness Festival, NetherlandsSummer Darkness Festival takes place in Utrecht, Netherlands

Summer Darkness Festival 2012 dates – 27th to 29th July

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Combichrist (NO/USA), Diary of Dreams (DE), Haujobb (DE), In The Nursery (UK), Sieben (DE), Sonar (BE), Straftanz (DE), Suicide Commando (BE), Triarii (DE), Vomito Negro (BE), Winterkälte (DE)

The History of  Summer Darkness Festival

Summer Darkness Festival – Line Up 2010
Alter Der Ruine (USA), Amduscia (MX), And One (GER), Bacio Di Tosca (GER), Ball Noir (NL), Clan Of Xymox (NL), DAF (GER), Dive (BE), Faith & The Muse (USA), Ianva (IT), In Strict Confidence (GER), Kelten Zonder Grenzen (NL), Leaether Strip (DK), Nachtmahr (AT), Orfeo (NL), Spiritual Front (IT), The Beauty Of Gemina (CH)


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