Boom Festival

Boom Festival PortugalBoom Festival takes place in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

Boom Festival 2012 dates – 28th July to 4th August

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The History of Boom Festival
The Boom Festival is a biennial festival which takes place in Portugal.

The festival features music, paint, sculpture, video art, installations cinema, theater and a concept of cross-pollination of different art forms.

The first Boom Festival happened in 1997 with a large influence on electronic music, but nowadays Boom is a multidisciplinary event. Initially a psytrance festival, the first Boom had two stages: a dance floor, and a chillout area. Boom now incorporates a ‘Sacred Fire’ stage, for world music, acoustic sets and live bands, and 2008’s Boom debuted the ‘Groovy Beach’, a stage for contemporary genres of electronic music, including Dubstep, Breakbeat, Techno and Minimal. As well as expanding musically, Boom also encouraged different media to flourish, including an art gallery, natural sculpture, street theatre, fire-dancing, and the Liminal Village contains a large shaded space housing lectures, yoga, films, meditation and discussions.

One Boom vetran notes “Boom 2000 opened the psychedelic music scene to new areas and integrated it with mysticism, alternative science, arts and a spirit of relativism to the system. It was not an open air underground discothèque like most of the festivals. In 2000 it embodied a real sense of the word festival

Boom’s main focus is to develop a sustainability ethos while providing a wide array of arts and culture line up. The Boom is known worldwide for its non corporate approach on entertainment.

One of the noble aspects of this festival is to be multi-cultural. The Boom has a vast worldwide network of ambassadors and attracts audiences of all continents. This causes a contact between people of different cultural matrices, therefore encouraging the overthrow of inter-ethnic stereotypes.

Unlike the norm for international festivals of this size, Boom festival does not rely on any commercial sponsor. The objective is not only to keep the precinct free of any visual pollution as well as to defend the public against any marketing strategy, although this is generally considered a good strategy some think that this should be compromised in order to ease the ticket prices.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nikolay says:

    Hi everyone!

    I’m really looking forward info about boom festival 2011

    1. Boom festival is taking a year off in 2011 but will be back in 2012 taking place from 28th July to 4th August!

  2. mario says:

    dear all at boom, I would like to congratulate you on your information notice, great insight given in a short summary, well done. I would like to become part of your mailing list, I would like to be aware of dates for the next festival as soon as possible, thank you.
    Kindest regards.ALOHA m

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