Woodstock Free Festival

Woodstock Free Festival 2012, PortugalWoodstock Free Festival takes place in Calha do Grou In Almeirim, Portugal

Woodstock Free Festival 2012 dates – 30th August to 2nd September

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Tryambaka, Tryon , Zinx, Myrah, Audialize, Orianis, Meteor Burn, Tech Twist, Xenzodiak, Demosys, Acid Trooper, Karkassa, Pitch Beast

Sektor, Shortcut, Juggler, Digital, Razor, Abhay, Psysystem, Djane Pype, Trl, Spacetek, Djane Mystic, Katafusion

About Woodstock Free Festival
Woodstock Music & Art Fair” was a music festival held in the town of Bethel, new york city from August 15 to August 18 , 1969. It was announced as a meeting whose purpose was to achieve full of feelings and emotions, freedom of expression, and enjoy 3 days of love, peace and music. This event revolutionized hippie age and the culture of the 60s.
To join this festival you would buy a $18 ticket ( about $75 in current times), that were available in record stores in new York city. About 186.000 people acquired the ticket in advance, so the ambassadors were expecting about 200.000. However, to everyone’s surprise, it was not what happened. More than 500.000 people showed up, tore down fences and made the festival free. This sudden influx made new York city stop , blocking the main avenues and streets. During 3 days, the venue of the festival became an open mind place, free of prejudices and laws. Nor the lack of conditions, food and the rain stopped the spirit. What could have been a tragedy, became a nation of counterculture, an explosion of rock where artists as : Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Carlos Santana, Joan Baez, Richie Havens, Johnny B.Goode, etc, made this festival legendary.
Now, In 2012, we dont intend to plagiarize, but to make a tribute to this great celebration, where the spirit of sharing, mutual help and friendship can not miss in this times of crisis. Freedom of expression and good disposition will be the free pass for this meeting. We are counting with your support. thank you all.

Highwaystars and Full Circle productions decided to celebrate Woodstock meeting as an anti-crisis event. From August 30th to September 2nd, Calha do Grou In Almeirim, Portugal, will be transformed in a P.L.U.R city with a Free Festival Open Air : Woodstock Free Fest 2012. Our goal is to bring lots of peace, love and music. We are also celebrating the insanity in this difficult times of crisis, between nature and two stages : Trance Dance Arena, and Woodstock stage.

We will receive different kinds of music such as : progressive and psychedelic trance, Drum&Bass, Reggae and dub, Chill-out, Indie and Alternative music style, and a tribute to ’69 with psychedelic Rock.



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